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TheRob's Irrational Writings
Monday, 12 July 2004

Plenty has happened since I last penned an entry, and I don't really like it. The day I wrote my last entry, I sauntered outside to discover my car missing. Someone, or a group of people, had stolen it. The police found it abandoned and trashed two days later at 415 Quincy in Kansas City, Missouri. Yes, someone took it all the way from Lenexa to East Kansas City. Of course, it got towed, so I had to forego sleep in order to go to the car lot (by the Truman Sports Complex, "two lefts and a right" the woman at the tow office told me, with a major attitude). The thieves, or perhaps a passerby, had decorated the hood with a gang-related symbol. Most everything I had in the car had been taken. The perpetrators punched the steering column and removed the ignition. They took the stereo and left the interior in such a state of disrepair, the insurance company declared the car a total loss. So, I've had to spend money on a car I did not save for. To the thieves, who will likely never face justice, if I catch you, my punishment of choice involves tying thirty-pound cinder blocks to your balls.

On the radio and TV front, very little has happened. I saw "Anchorman", and it made me laugh sporadically. It's not much of a movie, though. I likened it to a series of short skits slammed together.

Could the Royals have regressed any faster than they did in the first half of the 2004 season? We knew Beltran would not finish out the season in Kansas City. But I didn't think there would be a point where our leadoff hitter would bat an enchanting .199, and he wasn't even the second-worst hitter in the lineup. We should not have counted on Brian Anderson, never more than a #3 starter, as our ace. Every time I see Anderson pitch, I gain confidence that I can take him 400 feet. To Juan Gonzalez, I have a bad back too, but it doesn't prevent me from doing my job.

Posted by kcradio at 8:50 PM CDT
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Sunday, 27 June 2004
Love Missile F-11, or was that F9-11?
Friday night, I saw Fahrenheit 9-11 at the Merriam Cinemark. Oddly enough, I went to the 10:15pm showing in theater ... 11.

Amusing point: Next door, theater 12 showed "White Chicks". As I, and many others waited for the previous showing of F9-11 to end, several people walked past us to enter the theater showing "White Chicks". They deserve everything bad that comes their way.

I attended the sixth showing of F9-11 on that screen for the day. It didn't sell out; I don't think any movie showing at 10:15pm sells out, but a substantial crowd showed up. I'm fairly certain I'm not old, but 90% of the people in attendance seemed five to ten years younger than me.

The crowd politely applauded the opening credits, and Ben Affleck's "appearance" received the first laugh. The biggest laugh, and applause, appropriately came at the end, when President Bush fumbled the famous "fool me once" proverb. I never get tired of that.

Laughs: Wolfowitz spitting on his hand; President Bush explaining what he did on summer vacation; the brief "Cocaine" riff over the shot of Bush's medical records; Peace Fresno's love of cookies; Afghanistan, in the style of Bonanza; Ambushed Congressmen; Taliban sympathy for the husband of an outraged woman; Smoke 'em out of their holes!

Gasps: Injured soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Hospital; injured and dead children in Iraq.

The Biggest Cheer: John Ashcroft losing the 2000 Missouri U.S. Senate seat to the deceased Mel Carnahan.

The Only Time I Jumped: Two soldiers inspect the bushes next a palm tree in Iraq. An improvised explosive detonates next to them.

Points Left Out: If the Saudis wanted to inflict catastrophic damage on the United States, all they should do, and do it legally I might add, is withdraw all their investments. They stood nothing to gain from the 9-11 attacks.

I'm not surprised that Mr. Moore doesn't mention Israel. The film never would've made it to theaters if he had. Israelis were the ones seen cheering the collapse of the WTC towers. Israelis reportedly had advance warning. Israelis have been busted in mysterious situations around the country (moving trucks, art students, all with puzzling cargo). Israel had everything to gain from making someone else fight their enemies, and profiting in return. Even the Mossad intelligence agency has gone as far as to impersonate al-Qaeda members.

Also, the 9-11 attacks themselves, which Moore barely touches. He focuses on President Bush's improbable reading of "My Pet Goat" after the planes hit the towers, which is a must. But why did it take over an hour to get any fighter jets in the air? These planes deviated wildly from their courses, and even before 9-11, if a plane ventured 10-15 degrees astray, an escort appeared rapidly, asking for identification. And how about the collapse of the towers themselves? Firefighters reported very little fire burning as they ascended the towers. Jet fuel burns fast, and not nearly hot enough to melt the supports. No one has ever answered as to why the collapse of all the towers looked like perfect demolitions. As far as the hijackers, many families reported their sons alive and well after 9-11. But investigators managed to find pristine passports very quickly in the rubble. They identified the hijackers even quicker - on the same day. Some identities were stolen. The questions could go on and on.

Overall, I liked this film. It's a good anti-war message, and a scathing indictment of the true intentions and general incompetence of the Bush Administration. It misses the point on 9-11, but it does enough to convince people that the government lied about the war in Iraq. People will start asking questions about other historical events, 9-11, and before.

Posted by kcradio at 1:36 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 2 June 2004

The reason I set up this blog, was so that I could forego the street corner and discard the dirty trench coat whenever I had something to say. You'd think I'd remember to rant and rave periodically.

With that said, the next false flag operation (i.e., "terror incident") will soon occur. Seven carrier groups recently dispatched to sea on an "exercise", destination unknown. The last time such a large fleet conveniently dispatched on an exercise, our government looked the other way on a series of attacks, but somehow had the fleet in position to respond. I've heard that portions of this fleet will either head to Venezuela (run, Chavez), or Saudi Arabia. Also, Presidential re-election campaign offices have suddenly closed in several key states, despite the narrow public opinion polls. An "attack" to cancel an election sure seems likely. I could go on and on with the "signs".

As someone who works in the confined media, I know where to look, but dare not speak and disturb my job security. By way of deception, thou shalt do war. And from Star Wars, "fear will keep the local systems in line".

Posted by kcradio at 3:29 AM CDT
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Monday, 10 May 2004

When visiting Loose Park, don't forget he following:

1. See the rose garden, but wait until it blooms.

2. Crash a wedding party. Pose as the caterer and insist on a cash payment up front.

3. Don't play touch football on the wet, uneven grass. I can hardly walk because of it.


Posted by kcradio at 3:56 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 10 May 2004 3:57 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 28 April 2004
Open Letter to the City
Dear Regressives of Kansas City,

Stop killing each other. Put down your knives and guns. Obey your protection orders. Stop killing each other. Eleven murders in two days exhausts me, and my ability to invent a different way to write each story. Stop killing each other.



Posted by kcradio at 12:12 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 20 April 2004
Even though I have no reason to feel this way, I often generate feelings of arrogance and confidence in my superior mental abilities. Now, I have actual proof.

I rigorously tear down anyone who likes the song "We Built This City", by Starship. I call it "poison", and sprinkle in a few comments about the song being one of the worst in pop music history. Blender Magazine agrees. In an advance copy of an article on the fifty worst songs in pop history, "We Built This City" tops the list. I'm not kidding. The magazine's editor said the song inspired "the most virulent feelings of outrage" among those asked. He also called the supposed anti-corporate lyrics "dumb", and "reeking of the commercialism that killed rock in the 1980s anyway". Excellent.

Posted by kcradio at 3:04 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 14 April 2004
One more thing
I would also like to thank my wonderful co-worker, Heather, for bastardizing my music selections this morning, by bringing her Clay Aiken CD to promote a ticket giveaway. That doesn't sound too good next to Ministry, Stevie Ray Vaughan or John Coltrane.

Posted by kcradio at 6:22 AM CDT
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Today's noise
1. It's nice to a see a semi-local girl (Florissant, Missouri, only 275 miles away) win the Miss USA pageant, I suppose. Too bad she admitted in her interview that her favorite foods came from McDonald's, and that she wanted to use her Master's degree in psychology and counseling to get into television. I know some people in dire need of counseling, who happen to work in television.
Even better, as Miss USA, she becomes our country's representative at the Miss Universe pageant, held this year in the high-profile Ecuadorian capital of Quito. What more incentive do you need? Miss America rolls around for a year, waited on hand and foot in this country, while Miss USA travels to Ecuador, possibly to mingle with socialist guerillas or reunite the pop band Linear.

2. A new strip club in Atchison County("Twister's") will open soon. The county is not allowed to pass an adult entertainment code for now. All of the following were provisions in the proposed code that would've been posted at the establishment. Performers are ...
-Not permitted to engage in any type of erotic touching including straddle dances.
-Not permitted to appear topless or nude except while performing on stage.
-Not permitted to accept tips or gratuities for any performance until after completion of the performance.
-Not permitted to accept any tips directly from patrons even after completion of the performance.
-Each violation would be a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $500.
(Oh, and the code would've required a fence between the stage and the patrons).

Posted by kcradio at 1:20 AM CDT
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Monday, 12 April 2004
((For whatever reason, Tripod deleted the message instead of posting it when I approved it. Sorry about that --Rob))

"It has been found that Kansas City's finest on-air talant Anthony Norman, better known for his most recent contribution to the Dream factory (he camped upon the roof of the Blue Ridge Mall and raised $12,000 for children with disabilities, while his home was bieng burgularized!) has been fired from KCWJ!!! Why? Rumor has it that Normans on-air antics were too honest, while others say too wild. He will be missed! It will be a long while before someone fills those shoes, and those shoes don't fit many! We miss you Anthony!!!"

Posted by kcradio at 7:12 AM CDT
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Friday, 9 April 2004
Hopefully this won't get sold to an international pornographic site, like the last forum.

Posted by kcradio at 10:28 PM CDT
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