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So what version are we on now...8? This has been the internet source for current Kansas City and Topeka information since 1996.

News and rumours

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WIBW-TV, KTWU and KTKA all ceased analog broadcasting yesterday. KSNT is acting as the Topeka market's "night light" station, continuing analog transmission until June 12. Remember that Topeka stations changed DTV allocations (now using their old analog assignments), so rescan the TV. And if you have a UHF-only setup, you will need to add a VHF antenna to receive WIBW and KTWU.

KCWE will add ThisTV as a digital subchannel on March 1. ThisTV shows MGM and United Artist movies.

Cumulus has been laying off a lot of people lately. KDVV's Derek Wolf, KMAJ-FM's Rose Diehl and KMAJ's Deb Goodrich are among the Topeka personalities let go. KMAJ will pick up Dave Ramsey's syndicated show.

DTV update: All Kansas City stations have relented, and decided to keep their analog transmitters on to June 12. Topeka and Wichita were set for February 17. However, the FCC won't let everyone shut off early. KSNT drew the short straw in Topeka, and they will stay on until June 12.
>>FCC list of station deadlines

After 19 years, morning show host Dan Hurst is out at KUDL.

This clip is from WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut. I think a graphic artist is looking for a new job.

Site Update
I'm shutting off my analog transmission too. No, not really, but I hope to ditch the current site design around February 17. Let's face it, I'm not a professional graphic designer for a reason. But I will eliminate the frames, and hopefully, make the site a little easier to read. As always, if you have something to contribute, contact me. So look for the new layout in a few weeks.

Despite the likely delay in the DTV deadline, don't look for many, if any, Kansas City analog signals to stay on the air. Local TV, LLC. has told all their stations, including WDAF, that analog broadcasting will cease on Feb. 17 regardless of Congressional action. Stations are not budgeted for dual transmissions beyond that date. If you know of any stations that will potentially keep their analog signals on the air to June 12, let me know.

Hearst-Argyle has reached a new deal with Sunflower Broadband, putting KMBC and KCWE back on the cable lineup.

WDAF-TV's new website launched on Tuesday afternoon. The new URL is Fox 4 lost their old URL in the sale to Local TV, LLC., though it will continue to redirect for another three months.

KCTV is losing most of their weekend morning show. Anchor/weekday reporter Surae Chinn and husband meteorologist Devon Lucie are leaving for Washington, D.C., where Chinn has landed a reporting job at Gannett-owned WUSA (hopefully they get the furloughs out of the way before she arrives).

Along with a new program director arriving from Wisconsin, KCSP will reportedly make some on-air changes. Chris and the Cowboy move to morning drive. Dan Patrick's syndicated show will air from 9-11 in the morning. Roger Twibell moves to afternoon drive. Those changes take effect next month.

99.7 the Boulevard reached a sudden dead end today, when Entercom flipped the station to Hot AC "99.7 Kiss FM." The Boulevard, which had morphed from something resembling adult alternative to your standard classic rock, lasted one year and two days. The new station is entirely syndicated at this point, with Kidd Kraddick in the morning, Ryan Seacrest during afternoon drive and Kim Iverson at night. The new call letters are KKSN. If you could hear the station (don't know the deal behind the audio problems over the last 36 hours), the format began at 3:00 with an hour of American Idol songs, leading up to Seacrest.

Weekend anchor Jere Gish will leave KMBC; he is reportedly returning to his old station in Pennsylvania. Jim Flink will move back to weekends. Kris Ketz and Donna Pittman will alternate co-anchoring the last two hours of the morning show with Dion Lim.

Time Warner and Viacom resolved their differences, but a few local channels did not. Sunflower Broadband dropped KMBC and KCWE from the lineup as compensation negotiations stalled. Dish Network dropped Topeka's KTKA for the same reason.

On January 19th, KQTV in St. Joseph will lower their tower 200 feet and reduce analog power in preparation to move their digital signal to channel 7.

You might've noticed the featured sound is being hosted by Sound Lantern. I hope to move some audio clips onto that site, which seems to maintain the sound quality much better than YouTube. You can see a couple of embedded sounds on the 104.3 page, 105.9 page and 106.5 page.

With the demise of NBC Weather Plus, KSHB is transitioning to its own weather channel on its digital subchannel (42.2 digitally, 41.2 on your TV).

Former KUDL and WHB morning co-host and longtime production man Chuck Hayes died earlier this month from cancer.

As announced earlier, KCWE shut off its analog signal this morning. The switch occurred at the end of KMBC's morning newscast. KMBC will move its digital signal to channel 29, hence the need for an early shutdown at KCWE.

Sports is not on a good streak in Kansas City. KCTV will drop Metro Sports from its nightly newscasts. Metro will continue to provide a Chiefs pregame and postgame show. KCTV does not have any plans to restart sports on their own.

KMRN (1360 kHz) in Cameron, Missouri, has switched from talk to country.

Longtime television news anchor Stan Carmack died last week at the age of 71. Carmack worked at KCMO-TV/KCTV for 21 years. He also had a four-year stint at KMBC, as seen in this video.

The game is over for the 38 Sports Spot. KSHB and KMCI canceled the show after five years, citing economic reasons.

KCWE won't wait until February. The CW affiliate will turn off its analog signal on December 15th, becoming the first DTV-only station in Kansas City (for a couple of months, anyway).

27 years after the Christine Craft lawsuit, KMBC watches history repeat itself. Kelly Eckerman, Peggy Breit and Maria Antonia sued KMBC and Hearst-Argyle for age and gender discrimination. Eckerman is 48, Antonia is 49 and Breit is 54. They all cited changes to their schedules in deference to the younger females to the station, and different standards for the older males on the air.
>>lawsuit (.pdf)

Kelly Urich is leaving KMXV after more than ten years with the station. Urich will record a show for Sirius-XM satellite radio.

Christmas music? You bet. KCKC and KUDL both flipped the switch within hours of each other.

KTKA laid off several employees, including anchor Sophia (Wharton) Spencer. It appears they will cancel their morning and noon news.

I updated KKWK's status to show they have changed from adult contemporary to classic hits.

This is not the best time to be in radio. On the heels of Entercom's job cuts, Cumulus issued its own layoffs at the Kansas City and Topeka clusters recently. That includes Rich and Luann at KQTP, Chris Gallagher at KMAJ, Charlie Knight and Don Daniels from KCMO-FM, Moffitt and Frankie from KCFX and Dell Rice from KMJK. When Wilks Broadcasting took over the CBS/Infinity stations, they made some job cuts... could they do it again? In the newspaper world, KC Star reporters are very worried about their job security post-election. And in television, we're always worried!

KMBC is broadcasting on a second digital subchannel now. The first one is weather. The second one appears to just show full screen versions of programming.

KCTV transitioned to high definition newscasts this week. That leaves WDAF as the only newscast not in HD.

Entercom swings the axe repeatedly at their Kansas City-area offices. Market Manager Herndon Hasty, PD Greg Bergen, sports reporter Rhonda Moss and several others are all out. The company also stopped matching 401(k) funds.

Jim Welch passed away a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix. He worked in Kansas City under his real name at KMBR/KLTH, and earlier at WHB under the name Greg Austin.

Admittedly, I whiffed on KSNT's owner buying KTMJ, the FOX affiliate in Topeka. That happened some time ago. Now the two stations have combined forces. KTMJ will begin a 7:00 a.m. newscast at the end of the month. Also in Topeka, KTKA has been up for sale since the summer, but so far, no buyer has come forward.

I've already seen Christmas decorations sharing space with Halloween decorations. Not surprisingly, Christmas music is already on the air too. KCXL (1140 kHz) and KCTO (1160 kHz) are airing Christmas music on the weekends. KCTO also plays an hour of it at 11:00 in the morning during the week. 10.4.2008
One more change at Fox 4: Laura Thornquist has resigned. The morning-turned-weekend anchor leaves the station on October 17th.

KCTV has moved to a temporary set while they install a new set for their HD broadcasts.

There are changes afoot at Fox 4. Starting October 6, Mark Alford and Loren Halifax will anchor all four hours of the morning show. Paul Herdtner and Laura Thornquist move to all of the weekend shows. Dave Froehlich and Stephanie Hockridge team up to anchor the noon show. Rob Low and Heather Claybrook go back to full-time reporting.

I'm experimenting with uploading clips from my aircheck collection to YouTube. Between Windows Movie Maker and YouTube itself, I'm not happy with the file compression and audio quality. But if there's interest, I'll upload more files.

KCMO-FM signs up for the Tom Kent classic hits radio feed for weekends.

KCTV secures the rights for the Plaza light ceremony over the next three years.

KSHB's Keith King appears to be moving off the weekend anchor desk for investigative reporting duties during the week.

As a journalist, you freak out momentarily when a competitor beats you to a story. I'm sure a lot of journalists felt that way as KMBC interrupted Oprah Friday afternoon to show us a Barack Obama/Evan Bayh bumper sticker printed in Lenexa. Drudge picked up on it. So did the L.A. Times. Unfortunately for KMBC, they didn't scoop the nation, instead receiving a vigorous wedgie once it became clear Joe Biden was the running mate. Remember, they interrupted a high profile program to bring us the story originally. Aaron Barnhardt had the best line: sticker shock. Around 5:00, we remembered John Kerry did the same thing in 2004. He printed stickers with multiple combinations, including Dick Gephardt. The New York Post got burned back then. We examined the font: it wasn't the same. Then reported seeing Obama/Biden stickers in Springfield, Illinois. MSNBC started reporting Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh were out. By 6:30, the story had unraveled, and we were left with Laura Ingraham telling us the sticker looked like something a kid printed in his garage. I doubt anyone will lose their job over this, but credibility decreased dramatically.

KCPT will discontinue its auctions, apparently for not generating enough revenue. The interim CEO of the public television station made this decision.

As expected, both Afentra and Lazlo return to KRBZ for separate shows starting next week.

KSHB debuted its new set after the Olympic opening ceremony last night. The set is from the FX group design team; it looks fairly sharp. I'm still not a fan of the thick block-lettered lower-thirds. In case you're wondering, my favorite set design is at WFXT in Boston. KCTV will reportedly start broadcasting its news in high definition in September, though these things have a way of getting pushed back into a sweeps period (November). With WDAF's new owner paying $66 million in interest each month as part of the loan they took out to buy all those FOX stations, don't look for HD anytime this decade.

A new cp for 91.1 in St. Joseph takes the call letters KSJI. Good News Ministries, owner of KGNM (1270 kHz), owns this construction permit.

Sports Director Mark Ewing is leaving WIBW-TV for Cox Communications in Wichita, where he will be Programming Manager.

Lazlo and Afentra have left KNDD in Seattle. They plan to return to Kansas City, but there's no word from KRBZ yet if they're indeed returning to the Buzz.

KMTV in Omaha has hired KCTV's Craig Nigrelli as their main anchor.

All the interesting stuff happens when I go on vacation. Victor Hogstrom is out at CEO of KCPT, effective immediately. It's unknown what triggered his departure.

Also out - the Dick Dale morning show on KRBZ. The Buzz has reverted to "My List Mornings" in the interim.

Former KSHB/KMCI personality Meredith Hoenes joins WDAF-TV as a per diem reporter next week.

KMBZ will move talk show host Darla Jaye from her morning slot to an evening shift. Her new show will expand to three hours and air 7:00-10:00 p.m. starting July 14. The syndicated Glenn Beck show will air in the 9:00-11:00 a.m. slot.

Local producer Andrew Yates is out at KCMO.

For those of you north of Kansas City, a new station signed on ten days ago. KEXS-FM (106.1) is licensed to Ravenwood, Missouri, near Maryville. Like KEXS in Excelsior Springs, it broadcasts EWTN programs. A translator also exists on 106.7 in St. Joseph.

KUDL shuffles the on-air talent. Former KYYS morning co-host Tanna Guthrie resurfaces for afternoon drive. Roger Carson is on the midday shift. Darcy Blake and Michelle Chase are out. Taylor Scott is hosting Smooth Jazz Saturday night for the moment.

This month Tom Wachs joined KCTV as weekend morning meteorologist. Wachs last worked at WJHL in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The new closing date for Local TV's purchase of WDAF is July 14, give or take a couple of days.

UMKC dumps Danny Clinkscale as their basketball play-by-play man. Steven Davis, son of KU and Royals announcer Bob Davis, will take over.

The FCC has given its final approval on the Local TV, LLC. purhcase of several FOX O&Os, including WDAF-TV. Local TV hasn't given a specific closing date yet.

If you hang out on YouTube all day like I do, you know KMBC uploads old newscasts from time to time. However, YouTube is also where you can find video of KMBC's Larry Moore not quite understanding a prank call during the night of the petroleum fire.

KTBG in Warrensburg has a CP to downgrade to 90kw, but upgrade to a much taller tower near Odessa, moving its coverage area beyond the Kansas border (though I can hear them just fine in Mission anyway).

WIBW Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Goodwin will work some weekends at KSHB in place of vacationing meteorologists.

KCXL will start airing the Jones Good Time Oldies feed overnight; the Music of Your Life feed ended in January.

Topeka radio personality Jim Cates announced his retirement this week (effective at the end of the year). Cates currently works at KMAJ (AM).

Reporter and one-time weekend morning anchor Nancy Lewis is leaving WDAF-TV for public relations with the Independence School District.

We've heard KMBC won't renew weekend meteorologist Pete Grisgby's contract. First on the list of replacements is Erin Little, who left to do mornings in Denver, but apparently has a Kansas City "out" clause in her contract.

Monday Entercom debuted its new syndicated country show, "Second Shift," which airs at night on WDAF-FM and other Entercom country stations.

Radio personality Big Ron O'Brien died in Phildelphia from pneumonia complications. He was 56. Several articles stated O'Brien began his career at KUDL in Kansas City in 1969, which would've made him 17 or 18 at the time. The 1970 tape doesn't sound like the O'Brien I recognize from KIIS/Los Angeles, KWK/St. Louis, and so on. But, it was a very different presentation from anything done today.

The Chiefs Radio Network hired former long snapper Kendall Gammon as a sideline reporter. However, it came at the expense of Bob Gretz, an 18-year veteran of the broadcasts.

KKFI (90.1 mHz) plans to move to a new building, or at least select a new building by the end of the year. Their current midtown location is near one of my least-favorite intersections.

No story seems to have generated more intensity on the message boards. Meredith Hoenes is out at KSHB (she wanted to leave anyway ... I think we can end the drama now). Taking a back seat was KSHB's debut of news in high definition, which started with the 11:00 a.m. show.

KSHB will broadcast their news in high definition at the end of the month. This doesn't include KMCI's "Sports Spot" program.

Former KMBC News Director Michael Sipes landed in Colorado Springs, as the ND at KRDO.

Thieves knocked KCTO (1160 kHz) off the air this week after they broke into the tower array south of town and swiped the copper wire.

New stations will soon hit the air. 89.7 in Paola, Kansas, received call letters KCPU. They will be a religious station. 91.7 in Marysville, Kansas, received call letters KMLL. They will be a religious station. KGLV (88.9) in Manhattan signed on with the K-Love network.

KDVV is now (or soon will be) simulcasting on KDVB, 96.9 mHz in Effingham, KS. This is likely temporary, considering KDVB operates with 124 watts of power.

Longtime radio personality and Kansas Speedway announcer Dave Munday died from cancer over the weekend. He was 53 years old.

Former KKJO personality Greg Everett died this week in Hawaii of a heart attack.

Lawyers filed an age discrimination lawsuit against Entercom, on behalf of Max Floyd, Tanna Guthrie, Traci Wilde and Slacker, all former KYYS air talent. Entercom fired them after changing the format of the former KYYS.

KMBC launches its expanded morning news on KCWE Monday morning at 7:00. Jim Flink moves from weekend nightside anchor to the expanded morning show. Dion Kim will co-anchor. Jere Gish moves to weekend nightside anchor and Dan Weinbaum moves back to weekend morning anchor.

The Pitch briefly put one over on KCTV earlier this month. Check out their "ambush" interview of Tracy Brogden-Miller, the KCTV News Director.

KFKF has apparently signed up for GAC's new syndicated radio show, "GAC Nights: Live From Nashville." ABC Networks distributes the show.

Mark McKay is out at KCMO-FM. Mike O'Brien is now listed in his place on the website.

WDAF-TV Sports Director Frank Boal is leaving WHB's "Crunch Time," however, he will continue to make appearances with the station.

With husband Greg Sharpe heading for Nebraska to be the Huskers' play-by-play man, Amy Lietz will leave her anchor position at KSNT. Lietz spent 14 years at KSNT. Her last newscast is February 28th.

Dan Verbeck is leaving KMBZ to pursue other opportunities.

This and that in TV ... KMBC added a digital subchannel devoted to weather. KSHB has done this for quite a while. Speaking of 41, KSHB recently debuted its new weekend morning show, not long after the new midday show debuted. All four major newsrooms now air local news when I'm asleep on Saturday and Sunday morning. Could the eventual KMBC morning show on KCWE look internally for anchors? There's talk of moving some nightside/weekend talent to complement Ketz and Pittman. Look for more internet streaming of newscasts from WDAF-TV this year.

The KYYS call letters won't leave Kansas City. Entercom will move them to 1250 kHz to make way for the KBLV call letters on 99.7 mHz.

After listening for a few days, I'm reclassifying the future KBLV as "adult rock."

At 1:00 p.m. today, KYYS flipped formats to a very classic-rock leaning adult alternative station. I'm making this presumption, even though I haven't heard any new music in the time I've listened, but that is what the imaging suggests. I might reclassify this as "adult rock" or even "classic hits" later. KYYS ended with "In the Dark" by Billy Squier, and started the new format with "On the Boulevard" by Jackson Browne. New call letters KBLV have been requested.

Oh, the things that happen when one spends a week on jury duty. is registered to Entercom Communications, and that appears to be the new name for KYYS, starting as soon as tomorrow. This would mark the second death of the "KY" brand. There is disagreement over the exact format, but it appears to be rock-based with more current music. I can't upload any updates tomorrow because of my important civi duties.

Steve Stewart joins the Royals radio broadcasting team. The former Reds play-by-play announcer will substitute for Denny Matthews many times throughout the year.

KCXM changed its call letters to KLRX this week.

Why this was announced on a Saturday, I couldn't tell you. The worst-kept secret at Fox 4 became official when NewsCorp finally announced the sale of the station and eight others to Local TV, a branch of Oak Hill Partners equity group. Confusing the matter is the recent departure of the Local TV CEO to Tribune, which with Oak Hill created a parntership to share some of the operations of both companies' stations.

D.A. and Tim Grunhard are both out at KCSP. Enter longtime ABC broadcaster Roger Twibell next month. Dave Armstrong is also thought to be joining on a part-time basis.

Weekend anchor Tom Lawrence is leaving WDAF.

When KCXM flipped to the K-Love network, KWJC in Liberty also changed networks, moving from K-Love to the younger-leaning Air-1 satellite feed. At last check, KLRQ in Clinton is still airing K-Love.

Sherrie Brown is the new News Director at KMBC. She comes from KOCO in Oklahoma City.

I saw a job listing for Chief Meteorologist at KSNT in Topeka. The ad is dated December 6th. It turns out Bruce Jones really is leaving for the weather alert radio business. Jones worked at KMBC in Kansas City prior to KSNT, but moved to Topeka because he knew he would never be a chief meteorologist with Bryan Busby in the picture.

The shuffling continues. KCTV will move Dana Wright to their morning show next month. Carolyn Long moves dayside. Former 5er Sophia Wharton has surfaced in Topeka as Sophia Spencer on KTKA. The anchor she replaced, Jana Corrie, is on her way to report for KMBC.

Van Patrick left KBEQ last month after a few months with the morning show. Apparently it was his decision.

This week the Educational Media Foundation agreed to purchase KCXM from Union Broadcasting. While the government reviews the sale, EMF already has local control of the station. They proved that by switching KCXM from ESPN sports to the satellite-fed K-Love network - a Christian contemporary music station. In between, Union briefly resurrected 97.3 the Planet before joining K-Love at midnight December 1st.

Look for more morning news out of the new KMBC palace. Sometime next year KMBC plans to add two hours of news from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on KCWE in order to compete with WDAF. KCTV already does one extra hour on KSMO.

KCKC Program Director Luke Jensen resigned, effective at the end of the year.

I think we knew this day would come sooner rather than later. KSHB will cancel their "Kansas City Live" show in January. But, the station will add newscasts at 11:00 in the morning weekdays, and on the weekend at 8:00 in the morning.

Happy Hallo ... err, Thanksgiv ... no, Christmas? KCKC rolled out the Christmas music yesterday, and sure enough, it's not a Halloween prank.

WDAF-TV will debut new graphics on Tuesday the 23rd, during the noon newscast. This is the FOX O&O package that the O&O stations have gradually adopted (whether they are for sale or not).

Andy Fales is leaving KMBC at the end of the year. It appears he will return to Des Moines.

Despite interim management, major changes are on the way at KMBC. Kris Ketz will move to the morning show. Jere Gish moves to weekend mornings. Dan Weinbaum and Maria Antonia move off the anchor desk to full-time reporting. It appears Kelly Eckerman will remain on the 5:00 p.m. show Tuesday-Friday while taking over Friday and Saturday night shows. Larry and Lara remain the constants, keeping their Sunday-Thursday schedule, anchoring 6 & 10, and some 5:00 shows.

Michael Sipes resigned today as News Director of KMBC, citing a family emergency. Garry Roberts and Brian Bracco will oversee the newsroom through the November book.

It's been a slow month, huh? KTOP in Topeka has flipped to ESPN sports. They retain local broadcast rights to Topeka's minor league hockey team.

This was expected: KCTV named Brad Stephens their permanent nightside male anchor, officially replacing Michael Scott, although Stephens has been "filling in" for nearly a year.

Looking for Christmas music? KCXL will start playing such music on a part-time basis this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

There was a bit of a delay in equipment installation, so KMBC's newscasts from the new building start tonight at 5:00. Originally, I had reported they would start on the 20th.

Van Patrick is returning to the Kansas City airwaves. The former AM talk show host will join KBEQ's morning show.

Former WHB co-owner Jerry Green died this week at age 77. He had suffered a stroke in the last year.

Rick Iler will be KSHB's new News Director. He comes from KPHO in Phoenix.

If you want to see pictures of KMBC's new building, check out the Kansas City Star.

WHB said they had lost a lot of money airing the Royals the last few years. Union Broadcasting didn't even bid this time around (withdrawing its offer weeks ago) as the Royals will move to Entercom's KCSP starting next year. KMBZ will air some games during scheduling conflicts.

You might've noticed Jim Flink doing sports tonight. KMBC's Karen Kornacki was injured when she got hit with a projectile fired from a pellet gun in the Royals locker room. Emil Brown had apparently aimed at something else, but missed. The pellet shattered Kornacki's contact lens, probably saving her from serious eye damage.

Debbie Bush has resigned as KSHB's News Director. She'll become the general manager of a station in another market.

New Vision Television has agreed to buy KSNT in Topeka, KSNW in Wichita, and a few other stations.

Cumulus Broadcasting is the latest company with the intention of taking itself private. CEO Lew Dickey heads the group of investors.

Entercom named Herndon Hasty and Dave Alpert as co-market managers. Both had worked for other owners in town. Hasty spent many years working for the CBS/Infinity cluster in Kansas City. Alpert worked for Cumulus.

Last month KCWJ increased its daytime power to 5,000 watts.

NewsCorp is selling WDAF-TV along with several other FOX O&O stations (Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Denver, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Birmingham, Greensboro). There is no buyer yet. NewsCorp indicated they want to sell the stations as a group, not separately.

KDVV will carry Chiefs Football for the Topeka market, starting this August.

KYYS began promoting a record-setting performance of one song, nearly 1,700 guitarists played "Smoke On the Water" en masse Sunday. That might be a short-lived claim. A Polish group claims they set the record when over 1,800 guitarists played "Hey Joe" simultaneously on May 1. Both await verification.

Former Entercom market manager Bob Zuroweste has landed in Dayton, OH, to manage the Clear Channel cluster there.

KJTY in Topeka has flipped to Contemporary Christian "Family Life Radio" as Joy Public Broadcasting completes a sale to Family Life Communications.

J.R. Ammons has resigned from his PD gig at KMXV, effective at the end of June.

Dr. Laura's show has returned to the market ... sort of. KGNM (1270 kHz) in St. Joseph started airing her show, slotted from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Nicole Teich is leaving her KSHB television reporter job this month in favor of a gig at radio station KMBZ.

J.C. is no longer at KDVV in Topeka. Midday host Kasey has moved to the morning show.

KMBC has hired Andy Fales as a weekend sports anchor/reporter. Fales comes from WHO-TV in Des Moines. KMBC's top candidate for the weekend morning anchor position might also be from WHO (she was interviewing this week). I also forgot to mention Lisa Teachman, introduced on the air Friday afternoon as the new weekend morning meteorologist. She arrived from WBFF in Baltimore.

Jesse Garcia is on his way out of Kansas City country radio, heading for the PD job at KCCY in Colorado Springs.

KCTV has reportedly hired Tracy Brogden-Miller as their next News Director. Brogden-Miller works at KTVK, an independent station in Phoenix.

KCFX appears ready to debut its new morning show. The rumor is KCFX hired Larry Moffitt and paired him with Frankie, allowing Doug Medlock to take over midday duties.

Wilks Broadcasting has named Mike Rowen its Kansas City market manager. He replaces Herndon Hasty, who left last week after 28 years in the business. Mike Kennedy becomes the VP of programming and operations. Luke Jensen will take over the PD spot at KCKC.

In case you wondered what happened to Steve Shaw, he will soon report for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul. For those who know the Minneapolis market, you know Shaw will fit in nicely at KSTP.

Karli Ritter will join WDAF-TV as the midday meteorologist later this month. She comes from WAKA in Montgomery, AL.

WHB shareholders have bought out majority owner Jerry Green. Green remains unable to handle day-to-day operations because of a stroke. Wife Betsy sued on his behalf, demanding to see the books, and WHB countersued. However, both sides dropped their lawsuits last week. WHB will pay through a long-term buyout.

It appears KCFX has cut ties with the syndicated Bob & Tom show. Even the most popular of syndicated shows don't last long on the KCFX morning shift. It remains unclear what the station will do next.

Regent Ducas is leaving KCTV for the News Director's job at KTVT (CBS O&O) in Dallas. He is actually KTVT's second choice. Their first choice backed out to stay in Cleveland.

There are so many wrong ways to write this next story. However, Dick Dale and his morning show will come to KRBZ later this month. Dale most recently worked mornings at KOMP in Las Vegas. KRBZ has been without a morning show since Afentra moved with Lazlo to Seattle.

KMBC will soon have another on-air opening. Meteorologist/reporter Erin Little is heading to KDVR in Denver for morning weather duties.

KMXN in Topeka has re-imaged itself ... again. "X 92.9" is now more of a current rock station ("active rock" in industry-speak). This would represent their fourth format in the last few years.

There are now dueling lawsuits over the future of Union Broadcasting. Primary owner Jerry Green is not physically able to run the company. Union sued his wife, claiming she was trying to install herself as sole director. Betsy Green countersued Union to force them to turn over their books, and possibly seek the sale of her husband's share of the company.

WDAF adjusted its image today. They are now calling themselves "106.5 the Wolf." They are still playing country music. As far as I can tell, they haven't changed the active music titles.

Bill Pikus is reportedly on his way out at KMBC. Pikus anchored weekend sports, and although held all the organizational duties for the sports department, had to play second fiddle on the air to Len Dawson.

Happy New Year. I hope you like sports. Union Broadcasting ended the short-lived rock programming on KCXM last night in favor of ESPN sports' complete syndicated lineup. This allows WHB to carry its local sports programming without any conflicts. "Max FM" only lasted 15 months. While they carried the popular Mancow syndicated show, the station failed to make a dent in any ratings demographic.

Merry Christmas, huh? KCTV fired primary anchor Michael Scott, and although we don't know what pushed them over the edge, the complaints ran high and deep. Scott hadn't been at the station very long, but his dismissal follows an established pattern of problems at previous stations.

KCTV's not the only one swining the axe. Wilks Broadcasting, now in control of the CBS Radio properties through a local marketing agreement, let Rusty Walker, Tim Peters and the news director go from KFKF. Shotgun Jackson isn't on the air at KBEQ anymore; we hear he's sitting out a non-compete for another job in town.

Mike Shannon and Scott Parks will take over Jerry Agar's slot on KMBZ. I apologize for the goof earlier, but Agar is really leaving this time, heading for Chicago.

KCKC transitioned into its Christmas music format over the weekend. They almost made it past Thanksgiving without playing Christmas music.

Darren Wilhite and Tim Wall join WDAF for morning drive on November 7th. The duo have worked together 18 years, most recently in Grand Rapids and Detroit. They replace the retired David Lawrence.

Not surprisingly, the Christmas party started early again. As soon as the Halloween candy was sold, the stores couldn't put up Christmas decorations fast enough. Oh, and KUDL has already started playing Christmas music full-time. Expect KCKC to do the same soon.

KCXL has started up the Christmas music machine, at least on a part-time basis. A few other stations around the country have already started playing holiday songs on a full time basis.

CBS Radio has agreed to sell its Kansas City cluster (KMXV, KFKF, KBEQ, KCKC) to Wilks Broadcasting for $138 million. Wilks owns very few stations around the country. They recently owned stations in Des Moines and Springfield.

Two former KCTVers move up at WDAF-TV. Laura Thornquist will take over the vacant morning co-anchor/midday reporter position. Sharita Hutton moves up to weekend anchor.

After 33 years in radio, David Lawrence has decided to retire. Lawrence spent many of those years at WDAF (61 Country, then Country 106.5). Lawrence's last show will air October 13.

Former KQRC morning co-host Murphy Wells has joined rival station KCXM. Wells will hold down a midday shift.

Larry Moffitt has moved across the hall, going from mornings at KYYS to afternoons at WDAF. He'll replace Rick Miller, whose contract wasn't renewed.

Another defection at WDAF-TV: Heather McMichael is leaving after 12 years. She has taken a public relations job. Meanwhile, Fox 4 has hired Paul Herdtner from WJBK in Detroit as a morning anchor/midday reporter.

WDAF-TV will conduct a soft relaunch of their new website Thursday. The new URL is They're still tinkering with it, so they won't promote it just yet. All the FOX O&O websites have the same look, and soon, they'll all have the same graphics.

Jerry Agar is leaving KMBZ for a show of his own on WABC in New York.

Last week Ally Francis pleaded guilty to money laundering. Each count carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. However, she'll likely receive a plea deal to testify against the others in her case.

If you want to hear Christmas music a little early, KCTO (1160 kHz) will be testing with such programming starting Monday. KCTO will probably only be receivable in the southern part of the metro.

This morning, Randy Miller returned to the air as KCTV's morning traffic "reporter", replacing the indicted Ally Francis. The longtime radio personality has been off the air for a few years working on his own business.

The KU lineup is complete. Former player and current television analyst Chris Piper will take over Max Falkenstien's basketball color commentator position on the Jayhawk Radio Network. David Lawrence (football color commentator) will continue broadcast basketball pre-game shows.

Another WDAF-TV departure: Shelly Slater is leaving for a weekend anchor position at WFAA in Dallas.

University of Kansas men's basketball and football will air on KCSP, starting this fall. Another yet-to-be-determined Entercom station will air occasional women's basketball games, along with KCSP. Meanwhile, Entercom also hangs on to University of Missouri athletics. They'll air on KMBZ.

The FCC has given KCXL permission to test KCTO (1160 kHz) south of Kansas City from now until September.

One more note at Fox 4: Meteorologist Casey Curry is leaving for KTRK in Houston.

Playing catchup (or ketchup, as I thought it was in preschool)... After 8 years at WDAF-TV and 15 years in television, Toby Cook is leaving to become Media Relations Director for the Kansas City Royals. Cook starts his new job in August. The Royals could certainly use good media relations these days. Carrie Coogan also, mostly, left WDAF-TV to pursue a full-time radio career. She's already Johnny Dare's sidekick on KQRC. Coogan will still contribute occasional stories for Fox 4.

Get ready for more changes in KU sports broadcasts. They've already moved Jayhawk TV Network basketball games to KSNT in Topeka. In Kansas City, the Jayhawk Radio Network will likely land on KCSP. An affiliate list recently released showed Kansas City as "TBA" under radio.

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