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Local & Regional Stations
Radio & TV History
Sports on Radio & TV
Syndicated Programs

James Alexander - KCMK history
Brian B. - X106 mp3 from 1990
David B. - KEXS, KCNW, KKLO, Liberty history
John Bayless - webcast links
Craig Bryan - various 1960s-1970s history.
Scott Fybush - tower and building pictures.
Chris Francis - Ch. 50 and 62 history
Stephanie Gilroy - her "pre-teen geekdom" memories of KCMO, KMBZ, etc
Art Hadley - KBEY history.
Roger Heaton - WIBW history
David P. Johnson - KCIT advertisement pictures.
Jeff Jenness - Joplin
Jeff Kadet - KCPT-DT screenshot.
Paul Keenan - filling in more gaps
Rich Kennedy - WIBW/KKSU handoff
KSNT - old station pictures.
Fred Liggett - WIBW-FM frequency switch
Matt Newberry - Pittsburg
Tim Pinkelmann - Filling in some FM gaps, plus KUDL-FM memories.
Scott Phillips - Pittsburg
John Ridley - Several screenshots, plus KCIT and KBMA history.
Gene Seibel - KTAJ history.
Mike Watson - Topeka AM radio history.
Randy Wheeler - filling in some gaps
Other people I can't remember - St. Joseph history, KAIR/KNZA, etc