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Frequency: 97.3
Call Letters: KXUS
City of License: Springfield, MO
Format: Classic Rock "US 97"

Owner: iHeartMedia
HAAT/ERP: 581ft/100kw
Coverage: Excellent
Featured Media
  • KXUS 2001 logo
  • KXUS current logo

  • 1969-1985 - KWFC - Gospel
    Bible Baptist College signed on KWFC on April 17, 1969. Bible Baptist College likely had a lot of offers for the license, as few FM stations had excellent coverage in Springfield and environs. Ultimately, they sold the license to Demaree Media in March 1985, and moved the station to a new frequency at 89.1 mHz.

    1985-1989 - KXUS - CHR
    Upon transfer, KXUS adopted a CHR format.

    1989-2001 - KXUS - Album Rock "US 97"
    In 1989, KXUS flipped to album rock. Sunburst Media bought the station in 1997, and Clear Channel bought Sunburst a few years later.

    2001-current - KXUS - Classic Rock "US 97"
    Sometime in the early 2000s, KXUS segued from traditional album rock to classic rock.