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Frequency: 92.3
Call Letters: KCCV-FM
City of License: Olathe, KS
Format: Christian Talk (Bott)

Owner: Bott Broadcasting
HAAT/ERP: 564ft/8kw
Coverage: Good
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  • Bott logo

    KCCV-FM 2003 legal ID
  • 1992-1993 - KVUQ
    This was a temporary set of calls.

    1993-current - KCCV-FM - Christian Talk
    KCCV itself existed for many, many years on the AM side. But this was the first venture into the FM band for Bott. KCCV-FM hit the air on December 1, 1993. Using 92.3, plus 92.5 in Richmond, 92.5 in Topeka, and 94.3 in Wichita, Bott built a chain of outlets for its Christian Talk programming; they expanded greatly beyond those four stations, though mostly in the central United States. Bott is affiliated with Salem Radio and USA Radio Network.