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Frequency: 90.5
Call Letters: KGSP
City of License: Parkville, MO
Format: Variety

Owner: Park University
HAAT/ERP: 59ft/.09kw
Coverage: Very Poor
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  • 1972-2010 - KGSP - Eclectic - Licensed on 90.3 mHz
    KGSP signed on in April of 1972, with 10 watts of power. The music was programmed in blocks, like most college stations. This frequency was short-spaced in a very bad way, and the signal just doesn't travel very far. The only time I've actually heard the station is on MO. Hwy. 9 in Parkville. In 1985, KGSP applied to move to 92.3 mHz. I don't know if the station ever migrated to that frequency. The FCC shows a construction permit forfeited February 8, 1991. KGSP may have been on 91.1 at one time too. KGSP has a "return" application granted for 90.3 mHz in 1996. Information is currently limited.

    2010-current - KGSP - Variety "Pirate Radio"
    Over the winter break from 2009 to 2010, KGSP moved to 90.5 mHz with 99 watts of power. The station is now slightly easier to receive in Kansas City. However, a little tropospheric enhancement will wipe it out in favor of KXCV in Maryville, Missouri.