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Frequency: 90.1
Call Letters: KKFI
City of License: Kansas City, MO
Format: Variety

Owner: Mid Coast Radio
HAAT/ERP: 518ft/100kw
Coverage: Excellent
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    KKFI 2004 underwriter spot and legal ID
  • 1960-1983 - KTSR - Religious
    The Nazarene Theological Seminary signed on KTSR on November 1, 1960, with 10 watts of power. KTSR operated out of the Seminary at Meyer and Woodland, just west of Research Medical Center. The station left the air March 30, 1983.

    1988-current - KKFI - Variety
    90.1 signed back on the air February 28, 1988, operating at 1627 Main St. KKFI is a wide ranging, and rare 100kw community-access station. Outside of local programming (which encompasses numerous musical styles), Pacifica news airs during the week. KKFI also airs Democracy Now. A lot of religious broadcasters would love to have this station, and they've pushed hard over the years to buy the facilities. KKFI currently operates at 39th and Main St. in Midtown Kansas City.