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Frequency: 89.3
Call Letters: KCUR-FM
City of License: Kansas City, MO
Format: NPR/Classical/Jazz

Owner: University of Missouri-Kansas City
HAAT/ERP: 880ft/100kw
Coverage: Excellent
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  • KCUR banner, circa 1960s
  • KCUR van, 1978
  • KCUR logo
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    KCUR 2003 legal ID
  • 1957-1971 - KCUR-FM - Educational
    KCUR started as a teaching and news outlet, with some fine arts programming. The station signed on the air October 21, 1957, when UMKC was still known as the University of Kansas City. At the time, they broadcasted three-and-a-half hours a day, and trained students on the air. KCUR was also the first university FM radio station in Missouri. KCUR nearly left the dial for good when the school merged with the University of Missouri system in 1962, but received new funding in 1965. The station upgraded to 40,000 watts in 1965 and moved from Scofield Hall onto Pierce Street. KCUR would expand to 12 hours of daily programming by 1970.

    1971-current - KCUR-FM - NPR/Classical/Jazz
    KCUR picked up National Public Radio programming when it came into existence in 1971. KCUR upgraded to 100,000 watts in 1976, and moved to 5327 Holmes. Student programs pretty much ceased by the mid-1980s, when the station moved to its current location in the Student Services Building.

    KCUR is mostly talk, and has been talk-oriented since the early 1990s. When KXTR moved to the AM dial, Entercom offered KCUR the chance to carry classical programming, but KCUR declined at the time. They have since picked it up for nights, from NPR's "Classical 24" feed. KCUR also carries occasional jazz, blues and world music programs, mostly on weekends. That includes Cyprus Avenue, an eclectic music program which debuted in 1978, and Fish Fry, which debuted in 1985. Longtime commentator Walt Bodine retired from full-time duties in 2010.