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Frequency: 88.1
Call Letters: KJTY
City of License: Topeka, KS
Format: Sat. Contemporary Christian "Family Life Radio"

Owner: Family Life Communications
HAAT/ERP: 640ft/100kw
Coverage: West of KC
Featured Media
  • KJTY 2000 logo
  • Family Life Radio current logo

  • KJTY double legal ID with Moody Bible Institute
    1985-2007 - KJTY - Gospel/Religious
    KJTY was originally conceived as a translator, but instead applied as full-powered station. KJTY aigned on August 31, 1985. They had a few local programs that aired during the day. Most programming came from the Moody Bible Institute out of suburban Chicago. Joy Public Broadcasting bought the station a year after sign-on. KJTY had facilities at 2519 N. Topeka Ave.

    2007-current - KJTY - Sat. Contemporary Christian "Family Life Radio"
    Joy Public Broadcasting sold the station to Family Life Communications, who came up with the inventive new name "Family Life Radio." The programming, which is satellite-fed, tilted more toward contemporary Christian music and talk. In February 2012, KJTY upgraded to 100kw and moved to KLZR's tower, increasing its reach into Kansas City.