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Frequency: 680
Call Letters: KFEQ
City of License: St. Joseph, MO
Format: Farm/Talk

Owner: Eagle Communications
ERP: 5kw/5kw DA-2
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  • 1928-current - KFEQ - Full Service
    KFEQ originally signed on in 1923 in south central Nebraska. KFEQ moved to St. Joseph in 1925. KFEQ broadcasted from the St. Joseph stockyards and a grain elevator multiple times each day. The station started on 833 kHz, moving to 680 kHz in 1928. The St. Joseph News-Press and Gazette bought full control of the station from the original owner in 1936. Nighttime operations began in 1939. Power increased to 5,000 watts in 1943. The station went through a number of sales up to 1969, when KAYS, Inc. bought the station. KAYS was the predecessor to Eagle Communications.

    KFEQ played country music for many years as part of its full service programming, but that dropped off after the sign-on of KSJQ on 92.7 kHz in 1991. In 2011, KFEQ airs national programs from FOX News Radio and FOX Sports, in addition to its local programs. KFEQ has aired Missouri Western State University basketball and football since 1975.