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Call Letters: KPXE-TV
City of License: Kansas City, MO
Affiliation: Ion
  • 50.1 KPXE
  • 50.2 Qubo
  • 50.3 Ion Life
  • 50.4 Ion Shop
  • 50.5 QVC
  • 50.6 HSN

  • Owner: Paxson Communications
    HAAT/ERP: 1118ft/1170kw
    DT HAAT/ERP: 1112ft/1000kw
    Coverage: Excellent
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  • KCIT ad
  • KCIT ad
  • KCIT 1969 slide
  • Torey Southwick
  • KYFC 1978 screenshot
  • KYFC 1980s screenshot
  • KPXE "Pax 50" logo
  • Ion TV logo
  • 1969-1971 - KCIT
    KCIT signed on October 29, 1969, as an independent station that cleared some pre-empted programming from other stations. For example, KCIT aired the first season of the Brady Bunch instead of KMBC. Allied Broadcasting owned the station. Torey Southwick and Old Gus even moved to the station. But, KCIT got killed when KBMA went on the air, and following a year of financial trouble, KCIT went dark at 4:30pm on July 7, 1971. At the end, KCIT was only operating around two hours a day.

    1978-1997 - KYFC - religious
    Channel 50 returned to the air as KYFC, December 17, 1978. KYFC carried religious programming (mainly from TBN), and family-safe shows and movies. They had a local game show called "To Cherish and Love," which was the Christian version of the Newlywed Game. The station also ran CNN Headline News at designated periods. The Youth For Christ eventually sold to Bud Paxson's growing group, over concern about passing the high cost of digitial conversion along to viewers.

    1997-1998 - KINB - Infomercials/religious
    KINB maintained some of the religious programming, from the Worship Network, but also carried a little-known network that showed nothing but infomercials all day.

    1998-2005 - KPXE - PAX
    If you can call PAX a network (I can't name any shows), this is what channel 50 carried upon the inception of PAX in the late 1990s. KPXE still carried some religious programming. In 2001, KPXE aired KSHB newscasts on tape delay through a joint sales agreement.

    2005-2007 - KPXE - i
    PAX rebranded itself as "i" on July 1, which stands for "independent television".

    2007-2009 - KPXE - Ion
    Again, "i" rebranded itself as "Ion." KPXE signed off its analog signal June 12, 2009.

    2004-current - KPXE-TV
    KPXE-DT signed on in 2004. KPXE currently airs Ion Life and Qubo on its subchannels, as do other Ion stations. After the DTV transition date, KPXE added the -TV suffix to its call letters. In 2013, KPXE added QVC and HSN subchannels, and an Ion shopping channel. KPXE has applied to move to digital channel 30 ahead of a spectrum auction.

    Of note, KCIT was the first commercial UHF in Kansas City since KCTY. What was KCTY? They were on channel 25, and carried DuMont programming. You can see more on this DuMont page. You will have to scroll down a little on the page, though.