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Call Letters: KCPT
City of License: Kansas City, MO
  • 19.1 KCPT
  • 19.2 KCPT 2
  • 19.3 PBS Create

    Owner: Public TV 19, Inc.
    HAAT/ERP: 1171ft/1150kw
    DT HAAT/ERP: 1165ft/55kw
    Coverage: Excellent
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  • 1961-1971 - KDSC
    KDSC was an educational station operated by the Kansas City school district, signing on March 29, 1961. In 1971, as PBS came into existence, the school district sold the license to a collection of Kansas Citians calling themselves "Public TV 19, Inc."

    1972-2009 - KCPT - PBS
    KCPT picked up PBS in January 1972. The station moved to its present location near 31st and McGee in 1984, after KCMO-TV relocated to Fairway. KCPT signed off at midnight or 1:00 each night, up until January 2006, when they finally started broadcasting 24 hours a day on their analog channel. KCPT signed off its analog signal June 12, 2009.

    2000-current - KCPT
    KCPT-DT was the first digital signal to sign on in Kansas City, hitting the air in 2000, though it didn't begin airing programs in high definition until 2008. Currently, KCPT produces a variety of local shows, including Week in Review, The Local Show (both focused on news, business, politics and civics in general), Check Please (restaurant reviews) and Rare Vision and Roadside Revelations, a travel show focused on outsider art and folk art around the country. In 2013, KCPT bought public radio station KTBG, moving the operations from Warrensburg to Kansas City.