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Frequency: 1660
Call Letters: KWOD
City of License: Kansas City, KS
Format: Business Talk "KMBZ Business Channel"

Owner: Entercom
ERP: 10kw/1kw ND

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  • KXTR 2011 legal ID
    2001-2012 - KXTR/WDAF/KUDL - Sat. Classical
    Testing began March 23, 2001. The official sign-on took place on June 1. The expanded band frequency was supposed to replace the 1250 kHz frequency, yet both stations continue to broadcast. With the exception of Patrick Neas' morning show, KXTR was both voice-tracked and satellite-fed. KXTR simulcasted on KUDL HD2 for a while, then moved to KRBZ HD2 in 2011 (ironically, on 96.5, where KXTR once occupied the main frequency). KXTR rebranded itself as "Radio Bach" at the same time. Entercom parked the KUDL call letters here on March 31, 2011. 1660 previously hosted the WDAF call letters for a few days during the move of the country format from AM to FM.

    2012-2014 - KUDL - Business Talk
    After an astonishingly long reprieve for classical music, Entercom changed the format March 1, 2012, to business talk. Krista Klaus of the Kansas City Business Journal is hosting a midday show, but otherwise Bloomberg Radio provides the programming. KUDL is closely aligned with KMBZ, with the two stations providing news content for each other, and the station refers to itself as the KMBZ Business Channel.

    2014-current - KWOD - Business Talk
    For reasons unknown, Entercom moved the KUDL call letters to Sacramento in April 2014, bringing the call letters KWOD (itself a longtime Sacramento brand) from Portland, Oregon to Kansas City.