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Frequency: 1590
Call Letters: KPRT
City of License: Kansas City, MO
Format: Gospel "Gospel 1590"

Owner: Carter Broadcasting
ERP: 1kw/.047kw ND
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  • KPRT 2004 legal ID
    1941-1942 - KITE / KXKX - Full Service
    KITE operated on this frequency in 1941 and 1942. The call letters changed to KXKX. However, the FCC denied a license renewal in 1942.

    1949-1952 - KPRS - Full Service - licensed to Olathe, KS
    Johnson County Broadcasters (of the Alf Landon family) signed on KPRS as an Olathe station, with 500 watts of daytime power. KPRS stood for the "People's Radio Station." Andrew Carter led a consortium of people to buy the station in 1951.

    1952-1971 - KPRS - African-American music
    After a few months off the air, KPRS returned as a Kansas City station, with 1,000 watts daytime, under the ownership of Twin City Advertisers (Carter and others). They partially simulcasted with KPRS-FM (103.3) after 1963. The company that eventually became Carter Broadcasting took over in 1968. At the same time, they became a Mutual affiliate.

    1971-current - KPRT - Gospel
    The KPRS combo split programming in 1971, and the call letters on 1590 kHz changed to KPRT. In 1974, KPRT began broadcasting at night in a limited capacity.