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Frequency: 1550
Call Letters: KESJ
City of License: St. Joseph, MO
Format: Sat. Sports (ESPN)

Owner: Eagle Communiucations
ERP: 5kw/5kw DA-N
Featured Media
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  • KESJ current logo

  • 1946-1962 - KRES - Full Service
    The KRES call letters currently exist in Moberly, Missouri. But KRES actually signed on in St. Joseph in 1946, broadcasting from 113 S. 7th Street. Missouri Valley Broadcasting owned the station. KRES used A.P. News.

    1962-1966 - KKJO - MOR

    1966-1988 - KKJO - Top 40 "Tiger Radio 1550 / K-Jo"
    KKJO was the Top 40 station for Northwest Missouri. It would move to FM long after Top 40 on AM wasn't "economically viable" anymore. The KSFT call letters moved to the AM dial.

    1988-1999 - KSFT - Sat. Standards
    KSFT took on the adult standards format, most of which came from Westwood One, I believe.

    1999-2009 - KSFT - Sat. 50s-70s Oldies "Oldies 1550"
    This oldies format came from the Jones Radio Network.

    2009-current - KESJ - Sat. Sports
    KSFT flipped to ESPN sports on August 24th, 2009.