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Frequency: 1510
Call Letters: KCTE
City of License: Independence, MO
Format: Talk "Hot Talk 1510"

Owner: Union Broadcasting
ERP: 10kw-day
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    KCTE December 2000 alternative stunt
    1947-1959 - KIMO - MOR
    KIMO signed on in August 1947. Blue Valley Company took ownership of KIMO. The station carried the short-lived Liberty Broadcasting Service from 1950-1952. A thesis paper by William J. Ryan indicates KIMO probably carried the first regular program of recorded African American R&B music, in 1948. On May 9, 1958, Kenyon Brown Stations assumed ownership.

    1959-1962 - KANS - MOR/Country & Western
    February 23, 1959, the station took the call letters KANS, and a mostly country & western format. KANS used ABC news until September 1960. At that point, they switched to Mutual.

    1962-1989 - KCCV - Religious
    This was the original home for Bott's Christian programming. Bott Broadcasting took control November 6, 1962, and changed the call letters to KCCV. They continued using MBS for network programs until 1967. The station upgraded to 10,000 watts daytime power around 1982. KCCV moved to 760 kHz (Overland Park) on December 15, 1989.

    1990-1991 - KIDZ - R&B Oldies
    After a few months off the air, KIDZ signed on in April 1990 under the ownership of Tavastock media. The format was short-lived.

    1991-1991 - KIDZ - CHR //KXXR
    Again, there was a brief period of radio silence. From August 1991 to February 1992, the station simulcasted KXXR (106.5 mHz). The station fell silent again for more than a year.

    1993-1994 - KJLA - Sat. Standards
    1510 provided a reprieve for KJLA after 1190 switched to more of an easy listening route.

    1994-1999 - KCTE - Sports "The Team"
    There was a gaping hole for a full-time sports station, and despite being a daytime-only station, KCTE brought it starting May 2, 1994. They started out with programming from WTEM in Washington (Fabulous Sports Babe, Tony Kornheiser), but then brought in local sports talk during the later years. Metro Radio Group took control of the station in 1996. Union Broadcasting bought the station in July 1998, and moved the intellectual property of KCTE (except the calls) to WHB in 1999.

    1999-2000 - KCTE - Hispanic
    Locally-produced and quite amateur, this was a short-lived Spanish-language station with no real direction.

    2000-2000 - KCTE - Sports //WHB
    Part simulcast, and part overflow from WHB.

    2000-2001 - KCTE - Modern Rock Classics "The New 1510"
    This was a temporary format produced on a tape loop by Jason Justice (formerly of KISF/KCCX/KNRX). It actually started out as an 80s pop music tape loop, then evolved to modern rock. I think each loop lasted about two hours.

    2001-current - KCTE - Talk "Hot Talk 1510"
    Kansas City's latest entry into the talk radio field began March 1, 2001. Loveline was airing tape-delayed in the mornings. KMBC personalities like Lara Moritz and Kris Ketz hosted talk shows for a while. KCTE carried some overflow programming from WHB until Union flipped KCXM (97.3) to a sports format. The only overflow programming these days is the occasional sporting event. In 2011, KCTE's lineup is somewhat random, with ESPN radio at sunrise, business talk in the mid-morning, and medical talk in the afternoon, with selected hours of other syndicated shows in between.