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Frequency: 1490
Call Letters: KDMO
City of License: Carthage, MO
Format: Adult Standards "Fabulous 1490"

Owner: Carthage Broadcasting
Day ERP: 1kw ND
Night ERP: 1kw ND
Featured Media
  • KDMO current logo

  • 1947-19?? - KDMO - Full Service
    L.C. McKenney and J.J. Daly signed on KDMO in 1947. KDMO was a Keystone and Liberty affiliate, and broadcasted from 1201 E. Chestnut in Carthage. Ruth and George Kolpin bought KDMO in 1962.

    19??-1990 - KDMO - Easy Listening, Country
    By 1970, KDMO programmed both easy listening and country music, with a lean toward the former. In the 1980s, KDMO added sports to its lineup. Ronald Petersen, who had been the general manager for some time, assumed ownership in 1990.

    1990-2001 - KDMO - Country, News
    Around the time Petersen took over, KDMO switched to full-time country music from ABC, with about four or five hours of news programming each day. Former owner Ruth Kolpin received Missouri Southern State University's first broadcasting pioneer award, in 1997.

    2001-current - KDMO - Adult Standards "Fabulous 1490"
    Around 2001, KDMO flipped to its current adult standards format. The format is probably satellite-fed, but I don't know the source.