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Frequency: 1490
Call Letters: KTOP
City of License: Topeka, KS
Format: Sat. Sports (CBS Sports)

Owner: Cumulus Media
ERP: 1kw/1kw ND
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  • 1955-1966 - KTOP - Top 40 "K-Top"
    I believe this was Topeka's first Top 40 outlet, hitting the air in 1955. Owner Frank Buxton declared bankruptcy in 1962, but the station remained on the air.

    1966-1969 - KTOP - MOR
    KTOP picked up the middle of the road format after 1440 KJAY became Top 40 KEWI.

    1969-1978 - KTOP - Top 40 "K-Top"
    KTOP returned to Top 40, though they broadcasted a lot of sports from NBC. KTOP was also a Mutual Radio affiliate starting in 1974.

    1978-1980 - KTOP - Country
    KTOP had an automated country format, but it didn't last too long.

    1980-1984 - KTOP - 50s-60s Oldies "Solid Gold"
    The station returned with live air talent in this brief venture into the oldies format.

    19??-2000 - KTOP - Sat. Standards
    KTOP's standards format started out local, but eventually gave way to a Westwood One satellite feed 24/7. Cumulus bought the station in the late 1990s.

    2000-2001 - KTOP - Sat. Classic Country
    KTOP returned to country in 2000; they also began simulcasting KSNT's 6:00 p.m. news. A drop in the ratings led to a return to the previous format.

    2001-2007 - KTOP - Sat. Standards "K-Top"
    KTOP returned to standards in 2001, this time using Jones Network's "Music Of Your Life" feed. They also had a Spanish-language music show for a while.

    2007-2013 - KTOP - Sat. Sports (ESPN)
    KTOP flipped to ESPN sports on October 1, 2007. The current lineup is entirely ESPN-driven.

    2013-current - KTOP - Sat. Sports (CBS Sports)
    After a month with FOX Sports programming, KTOP joined the CBS Sports network on January 2, 2013.