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Frequency: 1480
Call Letters: KCZZ
City of License: Mission, KS
Format: Sat. Spanish Language Religious "Radio Luz"

Owner: Davidson Media
ERP: 1kw/.5kw DA-2

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  • KBEA October 1994

    KCZZ 2003 legal ID
    1941-1948 - KCMO - Full Service
    KCMO was on this frequency in the 1940s. They aired NBC Blue until 1945, and ABC up until their move to 810 kHz.

    1957-1960 - KBKC - MOR
    KBKC broadcasted from a studio on Johnson Drive in Mission. Tom Beal started the station on October 25, 1957, as a daytime-only broadcast. The Public Radio Corporation owned the station from 1959-1964.

    1963-1966 - KBEA - MOR
    KBEA was a combination of beautiful music, show tunes and light classical music. It simulcasted with KBEY 104.3 at times. Memories of the station include the announcers being called "communicators," which had a very stiff tone to it. But humorous dummy ads were also inserted into the programming. The station also started broadcasting 500 watts at night. King Louie bought the station in 1964.

    1966-1967 - KBEA - Nostalgia/Standards "Demand Radio 1480"
    KBEA adjusted its programming to music of the 1940s and 1950s.

    1967-1977 - KBEA - MOR
    Intermedia, Inc. owned KBEA from 1970-72. Robert Ingram took control after that. This was a return to the previous format.

    1977-1991 - KBEA - News/Business
    The station adopted a news format around June 1, 1977. They aired Mutual Broadcasts, and ABC's AIR. They adopted CBS as a secondary network in 1978. In 1982, KBEA became one of the first CNN radio affiliates. They ditched CNN for more business-oriented news in March 1989. They changed formats in February 1991.

    1991-1994 - KBEA - Standards
    The Adult Standards format was reasonably popular by small AM station standards, but KBEA did change again in 1994, although not without a fight. When they tried to turn on a satellite feed, they couldn't dial it in... so the locally-based format lasted a little bit longer than expected on November 1, 1994.

    1994-1997 - KCAZ - Sat. Children's Music "Radio Aahs"
    Radio Aahs was the precursor to Radio Disney, airing music a three-year-old child might enjoy. However, when Radio Aahs went belly-up in 1997, KCAZ and other Aahs stations filled the void by airing pirate station Beat Radio (dance music) out of Minneapolis. Heritage Media bought the station in 1997, then Sinclair took over.

    1998-1999 - KUPN - Classical //KXTR
    Sinclair Broadcasting simulcasted KXTR from December 6, 1998 to October 7, 1999.

    1999-2002 - KUPN - Sat. Hispanic "La Zeta"
    This format came around the same time as KCTE, which also aired Spanish-language programming. KUPN used the Z-Spanish satellite network. It was a mixture of Regional Mexican, Tropical, Tejano, Latino and Pop.

    2002-2005 - KCZZ - Sat. Hispanic "La Doble Zeta"
    After more than two years, a call letter change matched the name of the station. Too bad they didn't try to get KZZC.

    2005-2009 - KCZZ - Sat. Spanish Top 40 "Radio Activo" / "Que Buena"
    An ownership change to Davidson Media meant a more focused format for KCZZ. Instead of Regional Mexican by day, and Tropical/Latino by night, they went with Spanish-Language Top 40 as "Radio Activo". KCZZ changed monikers to "Que Buena" a couple of years later. Even though they are a Spanish language station, KCZZ aired Kansas City Wizards soccer in English.

    2011-current - KCZZ - Sat. Spanish Religious "La Playa / Radio Luz"
    At some point, Davidson Media flipped the format of KCZZ to Spanish language religious, as "La Playa" (The Beach). Later, the name changed to "Radio Luz" (Light), while the format remained the same. It is generally Spanish-language Christian music.