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Frequency: 1470
Call Letters: KAIR
City of License: Atchison, KS
Format: Sat. Classic Country "Kair Country" (JRN)

Owner: KNZA, Inc.
ERP: 1kw/1kw DA-1
Featured Media
1939-1950 - KVAK - Full Service
KVAK began testing in 1936, and signed on officially June 22, 1939, at 1420 kHz. KVAK moved to 1450 kHz in 1941. S.H. Patterson bought the station in 1943. KVAK moved to 1470 kHz in 1948. Patterson sold the station in 1950 as part of an agreement to build a new station in Topeka, and the call letters changed to KARE. James Griffith and Paul Buenning now owned the station.

1950-1986 - KARE - Full Service/MOR
KARE essentially continued the same programming as KVAK, later carrying NBC news. The station relinquished the KARE calls to then WTCN-TV in Minneapolis in 1986.

1986-1997 - KERE - MOR/Country
When the KARE calls were given up, the station changed to KERE. I believe they changed formats from MOR music to country in 1993, but I'm not sure. A sister FM (KERE-FM) signed on at 93.7.

1997-current - KAIR - Sat. Classic Country/Farm
The station's owner died in 1997, and the owner of KNZA bought the station. They tried to get the KARE calls back, but with no success. The current satellite-fed classic country format comes from the Jones Radio Network. In 2004, Mark V Media agreed to buy the station. KNZA, Inc. bought the station in 2008.