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Frequency: 1440
Call Letters: KMAJ
City of License: Topeka, KS
Format: News/Talk/Sports

Owner: Cumulus Media
ERP: 5kw/1kw DA-2
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  • KEWI November 1971 montage
    1947-1964 - KJAY - MOR
    KJAY signed on in July 1947, with news from International News Service, one of the predecessors of UPI. The middle of the radio format moved to KTOP two years after KEWI appeared.

    1964-1980 - KEWI - Top 40 "Kiwi"
    One of Topeka's early Top 40 outlets, KEWI branded itself as the station with the "good guys." And, yes, they called themselves "Kiwi." In the late 1960s, KEWI was the city's top-rated station.

    1980-1986 - KSKX - Country "Kix"
    The KSKX call letters were assigned September 6, 1980, with the station calling itself Kix Country.

    1986-1990 - KEWI - 50s-70s Oldies "Kiwi"
    Trying to capitalize on the popularity of KEWI's glory days, the station played oldies for a few years. The KEWI call letters were reassigned November 4, 1986.

    1990-current - KMAJ - News/Talk/Sports
    As with many AM stations, KMAJ flipped to talk programming. Cumulus bought the station from Midland Broadcasters in the late 1990s. KMAJ currently airs syndicated talk shows at all hours, with some local high school sports play-by-play. They air ABC radio news.