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Frequency: 1380
Call Letters: KCNW
City of License: Fairway, KS
Format: Sat. Religious

Owner: Wilkins Communications
ERP: 5kw/.029kw ND
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  • KCNW 2001 legal ID
    1953-1964 - KUDL - Full Service
    David Segal started the station on May 4, 1953. It appears KUDL was licensed to Kansas City, Kansas, until 1963. At the same time, under the ownership of Heart of America broadcasters, the daytime power increased to 5,000 watts.

    1964-1966 - KUDL - Top 40
    KUDL started a Top 40 format on New Year's Day 1964, with ABC affiliation.

    1966-1968 - KUDL - Jazz/Talk
    New ownership in 1965 paved the way for a brief format of jazz music and talk radio. Starr Broadcasting bought the station in May 1967.

    1968-1975 - KUDL - Top 40
    KUDL was at first separated from its FM sister, as a Top 40 station. They were an ACR affiliate. But in the 1970s, they began simulcasting as "The Rock of Kansas City." Ultimately, the Top 40 format ended in 1975.

    1975-1975 - KUDL - 50s-60s Oldies "Kuddle Gold"
    Briefly simulcasted in 1975.

    1975-1978 - KCNW - News "Kansas City's News"
    Using NBC's "NIS" network, KUDL began a news format September 8, 1975. They took the KCNW (Kansas City's News) call letters in November. Universal Broadcasting took control of the station April 7, 1978.

    1978-1999 - KCNW - Religious
    With a new religious format in place, KCNW now stood for "Kansas City's New Way." In the 1980s, they went by the slogan "Good News 1380." In 1985, KCNW halved their daytime power, and dropped to next-to-nothing at night. Marsh Broadcasting bought the station in 1989. The Children's Broadcasting Corporation took over in 1993.

    1998-2000 - KCNW - Sat. Catholic
    The Catholic Family Radio Network found a home here around November 1, 1998. The Catholic Radio Network had purchased the station.

    2000-current - KCNW - Sat. Religious
    KCNW returned to a more Christian-oriented format. Wilkins Media bought the station and piped in programming from their South Carolina-based network. KCNW previously carried some Spanish-language religious programming.