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Frequency: 1340
Call Letters: KDTD
City of License: Kansas City, KS
Format: Sat. Regional Mexican "La Gran D"

Owner: Davdison Media
ERP: 1kw/1kw ND
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  • KCKN 2002 legal ID
    1941-1957 - KCKN - Full Service
    Previously, KCKN had been known as WLBF, on 1420 kHz with 25 watts of power. Everett Dillard was the original owner in 1925. He tested the station out of his own apartment. Dillard also signed on Kansas City's first FM station in 1942. WLBF moved from Kansas City, Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas, in 1928. WLBF went bankrupt around 1931; it was sold to a local engineer.

    The KCKN calls were adopted in 1936, when the station briefly broadcasted on 1310 kHz. The Kansas City Kansan (Capper Publications) owned the station at the time of the 1941 move to 1340 kHz, with 250 watts both day and night power. KCKN picked up Mutual Broadcasting programs as a secondary affiliation in 1944. Cy Blumenthal, under the name Continental Stations, took over in February of 1957.

    1957-1981 - KCKN - Country //KCKN-FM sometimes
    Kansas City's premier early country outlet started in March 1957. The station increased daytime power to 1,000 watts in 1962. KCKN became a secondary ABC affiliate in 1962. A group of northwestern U.S. broadcasters bought KCKN in 1965. KCKN started using AIR (American Information Radio) news in 1968. The AM station became less of a factor and the FM station more important as the 1970s progressed. KCKN aird Kansas City Kings basketball games in the late 1970s.

    1982-1982 - KRKR - Top 40 "KR 1340"
    Albritton bought the KCKN combo in 1981, changing the format to Top 40 in January 1982. It was the first of many changes for this station, even within the year. The format flipped again by the end of 1982.

    1982-1985 - KFKF - Classic Country
    There's some uncertainty as to when this station briefly held the KFKF call letters. Sconnix Broadcasting bought the station in 1983.

    1985-1987 - KCKM - Classic Country
    Even though the KCKN calls had been picked up by a station in New Mexico, I believe they called themselves KCKN anyway (with the calls KCKM). The call letters were first assigned October 15, 1985.

    1987-1990 - KFKF - Country //KFKF (FM)
    The KFKF call letters returned in May 1987, along with a simulcast of the FM station. The nighttime signal improved to 1,000 watts in 1987.

    1990-1997 - KNHN - CNN News/Talk "CNN 1340"
    KCBR, Ltd., bought the station in 1991. KNHN was interesting, because it worked with 1340 KPHN in Pittsburg, Kansas to fill in the coverage gaps for a while. The two stations operated as one, but used a 200-watt repeater in Bates County, Missouri to act as a booster to those outside the normal listening radius. KNHN maintained a local news presence, and simulcasted KMBC's 5:00 newscast, later switching to KCTV. The station also carried K-State sports. KNHN would move to 1190 on March 3, 1997.

    1997-2000 - KFEZ - Sat. Easy Listening/Big Band
    Moved over from 1190, KFEZ became increasingly satellite-fed from SMN. James Crystal Holdings bought the station in 2000.

    2000-2001 - KCKN - Christian
    Disappointing for Adult Standards fans, KFEZ went religious on May 15, 2000. But they were able to acquire the KCKN calls in November, because the station in New Mexico using those call letters decided to change.

    2001-2004 - KCKN - Sat. Sports "Fox Sports 1340"
    Miles Carter bought the station, and although the change from religious programming wasn't surprising, it was surprising to pick up Fox Sports Radio on November 15, 2001. The two local programs ended in 2004, though the station picked up more play-by-play from the area's minor sports teams, such as T-Bones baseball and Comets indoor soccer.

    2004-2005 - KCKN - Sat. Comedy "All Comedy Radio"
    Carter sold the station, and on April 1, programming from "All Comedy Radio" appeared. ACR made KCKN their second O&O, as it were. KCKN kept play-by-play from the T-Bones minor league baseball team.

    2005-current - KDTD - Sat. Regional Mexican "La Gran D"
    All Comedy Radio sold the station to Davidson, owner of KCZZ. The part-time Regional Mexican format on KCZZ migrated down here full-time in late 2005. KDTD also broadcasts Sporting Kansas City soccer games in Spanish.