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Frequency: 1320
Call Letters: KLWN
City of License: Lawrence, KS
Format: News/Talk/Sports "Lawrence Radio"

Owner: Great Plains Media
ERP: .5kw/.25kw ND
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    KLWN 2002 legal ID
    1951-2000 - KLWN - Full-Service MOR/Adult Contemporary
    For a long time, KLWN was the epitome of full-service stations. They had local talk shows, they had local news, they played music, and they were the flagship for local sports (they still are). KLWN signed on February 22, 1951. Arden Booth led a group of investors as the original owners of the station; they bought the construction permit from a dead man's estate. KLWN was a daytime station, with emergency exceptions such as the flood of 1951. During the flood, KLWN stayed on the air continuously, even allowing WREN to share their broadcasts. KLWN-FM's birth allowed KLWN to run taped broadcasts after sunset.

    The music evolved from middle of the road, to Adult Contemporary over the years. In the 1970s, they used KLWN-FM to continue their programming after dark. KLWN received nighttime authorization in 1980, but still signed off around 11:00 or thereafter, depending on the programming. KLWN didn't begin 24-hour operations until 1998. Along with KLZR, KLWN moved to new studios at 6th and Gateway in 1998.

    2000-current - KLWN - News/Talk/Sports
    When Zimmer took over the station, they eliminated the music. KLWN had local news for AM drive, ESPN sports midday, local sports talk/news for PM drive, and ESPN at night (unless there was a Royals or KU game). At the end of 2004, KLWN switched to mostly news/talk, scaling back the sports talk shows. Along with KLZR, Jerome Zimmer bought the station under the name Viking Enterprises, then renaming to Great Plains Media.