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Ferquency: 1220
Call Letters: KOFO
City of License: Ottawa, KS
Format: Sat. Country (JRN)

Owner: Brandy Communications
ERP: .25kw/.04kw ND
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  • KOFO current logo

  • 1949-1986 - KOFO - Country/Farm
    This station has been around a long time. KOFO signed on September 24, 1949. For a while, it simulcasted on 95.7 mHz.

    1986-1987 - KFRG - Country/Farm
    The FCC lists KFRG as the call letters from June 1986 to mid-1987. I don't know if they called themselves "Frog" or "Froggy," but it sure seems appropriate. It could have been a placeholder set of call letters as well.

    1987-current - KOFO - Country/Farm
    KOFO currently airs most of their country music from the Jones Radio Network. At only 250 watts daytime, this station generally serves Franklin and Osage Counties in Kansas, but can be heard elsewhere. KOFO airs high school and Ottawa University sports, and maintains a local news presence. In 2011, KOFO began simulcasting on KMXN-HD2. The simulcast ended in 2013.