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Frequency: 1190
Call Letters: KDMR
City of License: Kansas City, MO
Format: Sat. Catholic

Owner: Kansas City Catholic Network
ERP: 5kw/.5kw DA-N

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    1971-1976 - KAYQ - Country/MOR
    This frequency has had a wide variety of formats. First on the list was the mixture of country with mellow favorites. The anonymous-sounding Broadcasting, Inc. owned the station when it signed on September 1, 1971. Coleman American Broadcasting bought the station in 1975. KAYQ was a CBS affiliate from 1972-76, operating at 1,000 watts daytime, and 250 watts nighttime.

    1976-1978 - KAYQ - Country
    KAYQ became a full-time country music station in 1976.

    1978-1980 - KJLA - Disco
    The disco format debuted in November of 1978, just as the music began to wane in popularity. Osborn Communications bought the station in December of 1978.

    1980-1981 - KJLA - Adult Contemporary
    From April 1980 to the following April, KJLA programmed adult contemporary music.

    1981-1992 - KJLA - MOR/Nostalgia (Adult Standards) "1200 KJLA"
    If you think an FM station rounding up is fun, an AM station rounding up is even better. KJLA was the only AM station in KC I know of that rounded up its frequency (from 1190 to 1200) in its promotion. Nostalgia was the word back then in use for "Adult Standards." Great Age Radio took control of the station in 1990, then Beal Broadcasting in 1991.

    1992-1997 - KFEZ - Big Band/Easy Listening
    KFEZ was a combination of big band favorites and easy listening music. However, the owners decided news and talk would be more viable on this frequency, so KFEZ was moved out to graveyard channel 1340. In 1996, the 1190 frequency upgraded to 5,000 watts daytime.

    1997-2000- KPHN - CNN News/Talk "CNN 1990 / Compelling 1190"
    KNHN became KPHN, moving the CNN News/Talk format from 1340 to 1190. In late 2000, they dropped some of the constant CNN News feeds in favor of more local programming. They also added Don Imus for the mornings.

    2000-2002 - KPHN - Business News/Talk
    Just in time for the recession, KPHN adopted a business news/talk format, called "Business to Business." Kansas City Star business reporters hosted the afternoon drive. They kept Don Imus in the mornings.

    2002-2013 - KPHN - Children's Music (Radio Disney)
    Radio Disney is a 24-hour feed of what is essentially a combination of kids music and safe Top 40 hits. This began on July 20, 2002. In 2013, Radio Disney put the station up for sale. In preparation for the sale, KPHN went silent on July 31, 2013.

    2014-current - KDMR - Sat. Catholic (CRN)
    In March 2014, Catholic Radio Network bought the silent station. KPHN returned to the air July 24, 2014, with a test run of showtunes, then a week of various sermons on loop. On August 1, despite talk from KEXS that KPHN would be a Latino Catholic station, KPHN began running Catholic Radio Network English programming. They changed call letters to KDMR in August 2014.