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Frequency: 1160
Call Letters: KCTO
City of License: Cleveland, MO
Format: Spanish Language Variety "La Super X"

Owner: Alpine Broadcasting
ERP: .5kw/.23kw DA-2
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  • 2006-2011 - KCTO
    In August 2006, KCTO began testing. The station was a booster for 1140 KCXL, with the intent of having some unique programming. However, that never came to be, as KCTO repeated KCXL for five years.

    2011-current - KCTO "La Super X"
    In March 2011, Alpine entered an LMA with the Ramirez Group, the former operators of KYYS (1250 kHz), allowing them to put their Spanish Language programming on KCTO. Ramirez named KCTO "La Super X" even though KYYS is still "La X."