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Frequency: 1140
Call Letters: KCXL
City of License: Liberty, MO
Format: Talk/Variety/ESPN

Owner: Alpine Broadcasting
ERP: 4kw/.006kw ND
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  • 1967-1978 - KBIL - Country
    Clay Broadcasters signed on KBIL on Valentine's Day, 1967. The format focused on modern country & western hits, with some MOR music at the beginning. KBIL referred to itself as "Town and Country" upon sign-on. KBIL carried ABC news for most of the year. Mack Sanders, under the name S&M Investments, bought the station March 15, 1971.

    1978-1978 - KFIX - Adult Contemporary
    Strauss Broadcasting took over the station May 8, 1978. An adult contemporary format with NBC network programs was introduced in April, along with the KFIX calls. The format only lasted a few months.

    1978-1980 - KFIX - Country "1140 AM Countryside"
    Don Rhea of KCKN fame ran this operation for a while. SW Broadcasting took over in 1979.

    1980-1982 - KLDY - 50s-60s Oldies
    The station adopted the KLDY call letters after starting up an oldies format in October 1980, along with the RKO network. Golden East Communications took over on March 15, 1982.

    1982-1984 - KKCI - Album Rock //KKCI-FM
    In October 1982, The station began simulcasting its FM partner, "106.5 KCI." This lasted for a year-and-a-half. KC Communications bought the station in 1984.

    1984-1992 - KCXL - Urban Contemporary
    For a long time, KCXL was the only competitor for KPRS. KC Communications started the Urban format in April 1984, in conjunction with the Sheridan Black Network. In the early 1990s, KCTV simulcasted its 5:00 news on KCXL. With financial problems, KCXL achieved radio silence on March 5, 1992.

    1994-current - KCXL - Talk/Eclectic Music
    Alpine Broadcasting re-signed KCXL on the air November 21 (my birthday), 1994, with a mix of oldies and talk radio. More recently, KCXL has become an activist talk station, with only occasional music programs. In 1999, KCXL led the charge into Y2K by selling wind-up radios (no batteries or plug-ins needed). KCXL also picked up NW Missouri State football. KCXL aired "music of your life" at night, but in 2008 switched to the Jones good time oldies feed. KCXL upgraded around this time to 4,000 watts daytime. In 2008, the station gained a sister, 1160 KCTO, to serve Johnson County and South Kansas City. After the simulcast on 1160 ended, KCXL began broadcasting on an FM translator, K275BQ, licensed to Richmond, Missouri on 102.9 mHz. In September 2013, Union Broadcasting bought nighttime hours for ESPN programming. In 2014, KCXL sold morning drive time to the Don Cheto show, a Spanish-language show based in Los Angeles.

    KCXL is more of a pay-for-play station, selling time to whoever is willing to pay for it. Much of the programming is talk-based, save for a music show called the Neon Beat.