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Frequency: 1090
Call Letters: KEXS
City of License: Excelsior Springs, MO
Format: Sat. Catholic (EWTN)

Owner: Kansas City Catholic Network
ERP: 1kw-day
Featured Media
  • KEXS current logo

  • 1968-1970 - KEXS - MOR
    Local Excelsior Springs owners signed on KEXS August 10, 1968, with middle of the road music. KEXS broadcasted at 250 watts. At night, when KEXS left the air, one could hear progressive rocker KAAY from Little Rock.

    1970-1975 - KEXS - Top 40/Country/Big Band
    KEXS played Top 40 and Country music, except between 6:00 p.m. and signoff, when they played big band records. Jeffco TV Corp. bought the station in 1974.

    1975-1976 - KEXS - MOR

    1976-1981 - KEXS - Country

    1981-2004 - KEXS - Religious/Southern Gospel
    Like most religious outlets, the station sold time to a variety of broadcasters. In 1981, KEXS started off as more of a country gospel station, and then tried to be more contemporary christian when the station changed hands to Crossway Communications in 1989. In 1983, KEXS upgraded to 1,000 watts daytime power. In 1999 and 2000, Mike Zarrick (Z-Man) hosted a midday sports talk show on this religious and partly satellite-driven station. Zarrick suffered a stroke, and left the air. After a brief resale to JeffCo in 1996, Brad Campbell bought the station in 1997.

    2004-current - KEXS - Sat. Catholic
    After a sale to a group calling itself Kansas City Catholic, KEXS flipped to Catholic programming from EWTN on June 9, 2004. An FM partner signed on in 2008, at 106.1 mHz, licensed to Ravenwood, Missouri. KEXS-FM covers St. Joseph.