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Frequency: 1030
Call Letters: KCWJ
City of License: Blue Springs, MO
Format: Christian "1030 the Light"

Owner: D.T. Stayton
ERP: 5kw/.5kw DA-2
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    1984-1986 - KBSM - Adult Contemporary "K-Best"
    Dean Lupkey, under the name Eastern Jackson County Broadcasters, signed on the station in January 1984.

    1986-1986 - KBSM - 50s-60s Oldies "K-Best"
    KBSM flipped to oldies sometime in 1986, although they referred to it as Rock Classics. Lupkey transferred control of Eastern Jackson County Broadcasters to Dick Pryor on April 23, 1986.

    1986-1988 - KKJC - Adult Contemporary "Mighty 1030"
    At some point in late 1986, the station returned to Adult Contemporary, with a new set of call letters, and new programming service from Transtar Radio Network. KKJC aired Kansas City Comets soccer games. In financial distress, KKJC went silent January 31, 1988. Noble Broadcasting bought the station with the intent of returning it to the air.

    1989-1989 - KBEQ //KBEQ-FM
    It seems there have been many occasions where 1030 has simulcasted Q-104. They definitely did so in the summer of 1989 when Noble Broadcasting owned the station. The simulcast was short-lived.

    1989-1993 - KBZR - Sat. Hard Album Rock "Z-Rock"
    Noble flipped the station to the Z-Rock satellite network in July 1989. At the time, ABC had just absorbed Z-Rock and other SMN stations into its network. The format was moderately successful, but in decline by 1993 (Z-Rock folded a couple of years later). Besides, hearing Metallica on your AM receiver just didn't seem right.

    1993-1994 - KBEQ //KBEQ-FM
    Upon the launch of Young Country 104 on FM, Noble simulcasted the station on 1030 kHz for a while.

    1994-1996 - KBEQ - Talk
    In February 1994, KBEQ stopped the Young Country 104 simulcast in favor of a talk format. They used the UPI and PRN networks. EZ Communications briefly owned the station beginning in 1995. American Radio Systems bought the staTION IN 1996.

    1996-1999 - KOWW - Sat. Classic Country
    KOWW used ABC's satellite classic country format, starting September 6, 1996. CBS Radio took over the station June 5, 1998. With the lack of a classic country station in the market, KOWW was moderately successful.

    1999-2005 - KCWJ - Contemporary Christian "1030 the Light"
    Christian Broadcast Associates took over around January 1999. Like most religious outlets, the station sells time to a variety of broadcasters. But they did have more contemporary music than their competitors. By 2002 they started going by the liner "Kansas City's Cutting Edge Christian Music" under the ownership of D.T. Stayton.

    2005-current - KCWJ - Christian "1030 the Light"
    On December 26, 2005, KCWJ dropped their Christian pop/rock programming (aside from an indie show on the weekends) to air more traditional and inspirational music, with some country gospel. KCWJ increased its daytime power to 5kw in 2007. KCWJ is the home of the Missouri Mavericks hockey broadcasts.