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Frequency: 102.9
Call Letters: KTOP-FM
City of License: St. Marys, KS
Format: Country "Nash FM"

Owner: Cumulus Media
HAAT/ERP: 598ft/30kw
Coverage: West of KC
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    1994-1999 - KQTP - Sat. 50s-70s Oldies "Oldies 102.9"
    KQTP began as a satellite-fed all day and night, though I forget which network it came from. The station was originally assigned call letters KTPQ in 1993, then changed to KQTP on September 1, 1994. The station signed on in December. Shawnee Broadcasting sold KQTP to Cumulus in 1999.

    1999-2002 - KQTP - CHR "Q-103"
    Upon buying the station, Cumulus moved the oldies format to 99.3, and started fresh with CHR on 102.9. The local personalities were replaced with voice-tracking most of the day in 2002. Syndicated Kidd Kraddick was piped in for the mornings. The station landed in last place among commercial FMs in Topeka. And it wasn't even close. They were far, far behind. One theory as to their problem, though, is the name. Q-103 sounds so similar to Q-104 (KC) and Hot 103 (KC) that people who write down "Q" might accidentally give credit to KBEQ, and people who write down "103" might be giving credit to KPRS.

    2002-2006 - KQTP - Classic Country "US-103"
    On the same week as the WIBW-FM frequency switch, KQTP ditched the low-rated CHR format for classic country. That made three FM country stations in Topeka itself. The impact was immediate, however, once people learned about the format. The station did fairly well in the ratings.

    2006-2009 - KQTP - Country "US-103"
    A slight image change on January 18, 2006 coincided with the debut of Radio Rich and Louann, who moved down the dial from WIBW-FM. The station altered the playlist to include more new country. Cumulus laid off the morning show in 2008. KQTP uses CMT syndicated programming at night.

    2009-2014 - KTOP-FM - Country "102.9 KTOP"
    On November 9, 2009, Cumulus brought the KTOP call letters back to the FM dial. KTOP-FM still uses CMT programming at night, and the syndicated Tony and Kris morning show.

    2014-current - KTOP-FM - Country "Nash FM"
    Cumulus rebranded KTOP-FM as Nash FM on October 31, 2014. Nash FM is Cumulus' national country brand.