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Frequency: 100.7
Call Letters: KMZU
City of License: Carrollton, MO
Format: Country/Farm "The Farm"

Owner: KANZA, Inc.
HAAT/ERP: 989ft/99kw
Coverage: Excellent
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  • KCFX April 1986 sweeper

    KMZU 1999

    1974-1980 - KIEE - Country - Licensed to Harrisonville, MO
    Arnold Wilson signed on KIEE on July 19, 1974. KIEE, licensed to Harrisonville, had 26,000 watts of power.

    1980-1983 - KIEE - MOR - Licensed to Harrisonville, MO
    Garry Munson, under the name Professional Communications, took control of KIEE in 1980. After dabbling in some diversified ethnic programming, KIEE settled on an MOR format in 1981.

    1983-1985 - KCFX - Album Rock "Stereo 101" - Licensed to Harrisonville, MO
    There's really not a whole lot of information in this station. A former salesman at the station said they called themselves "Stereo 101." KCFX upgraded to 100,000 watts in January 1984, just a few weeks after receiving the KCFX call letters (December 21, 1983).

    1985-1990 - KCFX - Classic Rock "101 the Fox" - Licensed to Harrisonville, MO
    This was the first attempt to capture the audience who listened to KYYS in the 1970s, but weren't happy with KYYS of the 1980s. In fact, it was one of the first classic rock stations in the nation. A frequency swap would really help KCFX's fortunes at the end of the decade. The Kansas City Blues show, which still airs on KCFX today, began in 1989.

    1990-current - KMZU - Farm/Country "The Farm"
    KMZU was on 101.1, licensed to Carrollton, but the frequencies swapped cities of license. 100.7 changed its city of license to Carrollton, and 101.1 to Harrisonville. KMZU shared some programming with WHB while WHB had a country/farm format. KMZU primarily serves the towns east of Kansas City.